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MALDIVES IS THE WORLD’S LEADING DESTINATION OF 2020! 28 Nov 2020 Maldives has received the World’s Leading Destination award at the Grand Final of the World Travel Awards 2020 announced at a virtual event held[...]
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When to Visit Maldives?

OVERVIEW The Maldives is the most picture-perfect beach holiday destination, where relaxation is guaranteed with tropical weather all year round. Romance in 8 hours of sunshine each day and sea temperatures rarely dropping below 25[...]
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Travel Information

TIME 5 hours ahead of GMT. INTERNATIONAL TELEPHONE CODE +960 ELECTRICITY 240 volts MOBILE SERVICES Prepaid SIM cards are available from two mobile service providers at the airport. The SIM cards can be used for local and[...]
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The Environment

The Maldives has one of the most delicate environments anywhere on the planet. Coral reefs are the foundation of the islands. They offer protection to the tiny islands as its natural defense system, and the country’s economy[...]
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Although home to just over half a million people the Maldives has its own unique culture and traditions. While heavily influenced by various cultures around the rim of the Indian Ocean, the Maldivian culture, craft, and traditions have[...]
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