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Наши лучшие рекламные туры
Самые популярные направления
$3.159 $2.550
$33.760 $27.990
$15.400 $13.000
$11.851 $4.138
$16.590 $5.795
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Our happy clients



“It comes as a standard in these resorts to have great facilities; food; locations and activities. What made this place a piece of heaven is the staff. Amazing team from the time you land to the time you engage with instructors; waiting staff; cleaning staff and even entertainers. You get a friendly and welcome smile and help everywhere you go. ”



EVERYTHING. We were many places all over the world, but was our BEST HOLIDAY! Fantastic resort with a fantastic staff, I would like to highlight the work of Maria (Kids Club) and Yossuf who made the memories unforgettable. ”



“ It was my first time in Maldives and it was great experience for me. I can't imagine a better experience! The entire staff is so incredibly friendly and helpful. The location and facilities are top notch. They don't mention this on their description but everyone gets a bicycle to ride around on the island. You can also be driven around in swanky Rolls Royce-esque golf cart. We loved it! All the food was delicious. Breakfast was hands down the best in the world.”